The Ferrero Group operates with more than 78 subsidiaries worldwide, with 22 operating manufacturing plants, of which 3 operating within the framework of the Social Enterprises. Ferrero products are present in over 160 countries all over the world. The group closed in 2014/2015 year with a turnover of 9,542 million Euros, indicating an increase of +13,4% compared to previous year. The Group is constantly investing in innovation, research and development and had always focused on energy-efficient installations as well as contributing to the development of some of the poorest areas in the world through its Social Enterprise scheme.


Ferrero brands are loved by consumers all over the brand, not least by those who pass through the world's travel retail outlets. During these years Ferrero Travel Market has built its reputation worldwide on 3 key values: quality (product, service, execution), exclusivity of products and overall retail experience. Thanks to these pillars Ferrero Travel Market has been able to increase its values by 5 times from 2007, with 8 years’ CAGR of 21% worldwide. With 4 exciting categories and innovative lines within our portfolio this year, plus dedicated staff and committed partners, Ferrero Travel Market will continue to develop Ferrero brands successfully in the Travel Retail market.